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Speaking Out Loud

Somehow saying out loud what you mean or what you want or what you plan on doing makes everything seem more real.

Maybe because speaking out loud you’re giving voice to your desires or your wants or more precisely your needs. It’s easy – at least I have found- to set goals in silence. Setting them, thinking about them and then, of course never achieving them let alone starting on path to even try to achieve them.

I’m more than likely to suffer in silence. To be stoic. Not cause a scene. ‘Your so accommodating’ is strangely something I have heard others say to me when I ‘just go with the flow’ and reluctantly follow along whatever the group is doing.

I’m speaking out loud now. It’s taken me awhile to find my voice and still I am not too sure of it; but, I want to be heard.

So, this is my goal to fill this space with my thoughts: my journey in writing my books. One step in the long and unchartered path to my destination – a published writer.

I’m speaking out loud . . . is anyone listening?

Time will tell.

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