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Gratitude Jar

2019 wasn’t such a good year for me. Nothing catastrophic, but definitely a bumping ride that I don’t want to repeat. 

So, when the New Year 2020 was fast approaching, I decided that I wanted to start a new habit highlighting the positives of my life rather than the negatives, thus my 2020 Gratitude

Of course, in the beginning of 2020 the world was a much different place — I surely didn’t think (I suppose many of us didn’t) what a total shit show 2020 was going to turn out to be!

Even so I kept my gratitude jar. Every day I would write out on a stickie what I was thankful for. I did this through injury and sickness.

The hours I spent sewing and distributing my home-made masks and my on-going struggle to finish writing my book. 

 And, every single day with pen in hand, in the quietness of my thoughts I found something to be grateful for.

I admit; it wasn’t easy some days . . . but just knowing that I had to write something down made me rethink how I was looking at the day, my life, and the world around me, and in 2020 the my world shrunk considerably!

This simply daily practice, I believe has helped me to weigh my emotions and a deal with my feelings and ultimately recognize the good all around me.

Sort of tough to do in 2020.

Now with the year winding down and hopes are running high for 2021 I’m planning on a 2021 gratitude jar

What would I change?

Perhaps, a bigger jar.

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