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Replenishing the Creative Well

I write. Or at least I try to, and I’m struggling to finish my first book. I’ve slowed down, unable to put one-word in front of the other. Ready to give up. 

I am empty. Hollow. And ultimately, I know I have depleted my emotional energy to continue writing. In other words, my creative well has run dry.

I suppose this happens to a lot of people, but when I hear other writers or artists talk about how they replenish their creative well, I usually just gloss over the conversation. Filling the creative well, I think, is an individual experience, just like being creative and how one expresses their creativity. What ultimately works for one person isn’t going to work for another.

So how do I rekindle my creativity?

I used to sew clothes. At one time I think everything in my closet was a custom-made garment. I sewed wool coats, fine blouses, and tailored pants and although custom sewing is creative, it’s also very utilitarian. And now with my changing lifestyle, I don’t really need those sorts of clothes: stretchy pants, sweatshirts and t-shirts suit me just fine now. 

But I still need something to do besides writing, something that uses my right brain, my hands, and I can see progress in the process.

So, I decided to make some cards.

I have a box full of card making supplies given to me by a friend who is an extraordinary card maker! I pulled the box out one night, unable to settle my restless mind (because my book wasn’t going so well) and started cutting, and gluing while in background was one of my favorite You Tube Channels playing.

My cards are by no means expert or refined. In fact, they are probably less than amateur. But none of that matters, because making these cards was relaxing in a way that only doing something creative, with no expectations, can be.

I also made some gift tags along with a bit of a mess! 😳

Do I need all these cards? No, of course not. Although they will probably come in handy at some time. But that’s wants nice about this activity, I didn’t do it because it’s utilitarian, I did it because it’s creative and it replenishes my creative well in a way that nothing else can.

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