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The First.

The first day of school.

The first job.

The first kiss.

The first in line.

The first time.

The first is an important landmark in our lives: our first steps (we may not remember, but our parent(s) probably do or our first date (perhaps we may like to forget this first) or our first car. The freedom to drive – Anywhere we wanted- as long as we had petrol in the tank!

I remember my first pair of glasses; I was thrilled I could see – see every thing really, really well.

So everybody has his or her favorite, or well-remembered ‘firsts’.

So this is, my first blog post, under my own name.

My first.

It isn’t, my first blog. I have been blogging for a few years under my pseudonym of Kemmish at But, that blog has been – for the most part- all about my adventures in sewing (primary garment construction) lightly salted with tidbits about of my life in Southern California.

Now, I’m starting a new blog, under my own name, for my own writing that isn’t limited to sewing, in other words: a new first for me.


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