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Multi- tasking? Nope. Not me.

I can’t do two activities at the same time. Well, I shouldn’t say I can’t what I should say is that if I try and do two activities at the same time I do neither of them very well.

Multi-tasking is a concept that seems to have run rampant through out American businesses partnered with the ever-annoying synergy, work smarter, and walk the talk.

None of which makes doing two activates better, faster or efficient: at least not for me.

I guess, it depends on the activity, but I do believe that concentrating on one effort is better then dividing my attention (and skill) over several efforts at the same time.

For instance, when it comes to writing, all I can do is write. I don’t listen to music while writing, nor the TV, and many times I can’t even have my cats in the room with me because they are demanding my attention as I write.


What is it with cats and computer keyboards?

What is it with cats and computer keyboards?

Since multitasking is not in my genome or skill set or what-ever-the-latest-buzz word is – I am a liability in the current environment of American business and I am a stumbling block in my home life, too. I am unable to answer the phone, wait on a client and answer emails simultaneously nor am I able to vacuum the floors, listen to a book on tape, check my Twitter feed or plan the next weeks meals, simultaneously. For all these tasks (and many more) it takes me much longer to complete each and everyone one for them because, I do each task one at a time. Yes, it is true: I vacuum only. Write out my grocery list. If the phone rings? Yikes! I sit there at the kitchen table and – ready for this?! I only talk on the phone! How very old fashioned of me, isn’t it?

There is, however something very calming about doing one task at a time. I do feel a sense of accomplishment once I get the house vacuumed. I can concentrate on my phone conversation if all I am doing is talking to one person. I never could understand how anyone could drive and chat on the phone – let alone text!

Geez! I like to drive even without the radio on.

By being a ‘multitasker’ failure, I feel much more calmer, relaxed and in control of my life rather than being ‘controlled’ by all these tasks I think I should be able to do simultaneously.

Will I even be a CEO? Nope. Will I ever learn a language? I doubt it. Understand the workings of my cell phone? Definitely not. Get my book written? Yes, I will – someday.

What I do know is that by not being able to multitask I can enjoy the here and the now. I can be in the moment and realize that this is a real good place to be.

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