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The end is near.

Well, not really.

I sit here writing this as the calendar is slowly clicking away to November 1st. The first day of NaNoWriMo. A month long celebration or endurance race to write a novel. This will be the first year I have EVER participated in this activity. Right now, on Oct 31st as Halloween takes hold and the streets are swarming with costume-clad children (and adults!) announcing their intention to trick unless they get a treat (mostly chocolate!), I am eager to get started on my novel; to tap away on the keyboard for a minimum of 1,666 words a day and see and feel what bubbles up from my conscious and pours onto the glowing screen of my lap top.

Eager, but also ready to wait until tomorrow dawns.

It’s quite interesting that NaNoWriMo begins on November 1st.  Since Oct 31st is the eve of All Saint’s Day; of course, here in the USA, no one really thinks of Halloween like that but rather more of a huge celebration that has evolved from a children’s activity to a huge, multi-generational reason to don costumes and act outrageous.

On All Saint’s Day, the church were I grew up would ring the bells for our long dead relatives. I can remember  bells for my grandparents and the  hearing their names spoken along with the names of others and feeling the years of their lives that touched mine.

As I sit here on the 43rd floor looking out over the city, my subconscious is churning and bubbling ready to get to work, filled with ideas and people that have inhabited my past.

I am a bit awe struck by it all, but eager, very eager to begin.

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